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Perceiving energy of substances revealed in the making of art works is a process known for Art synesthetics.
Other then the five senses I incorporate another eight senses altogether making up twelve:- ¹

-Sense of Humour

Music being the all encompassing sense that exists within all the other senses in one way or another makes up thirteen sense channels to work with.

I have developed for the purpose of visual art creative process a technique that is elementary to all my works which is the act of listening to music coupled with drawing.
I do this by sketching my first impressions to the rhythm of sound. This prepares me both mentally and physically and in a sense is likened to ‘tuning in’ much like a musician tunes his musical instrument.

I can tap into:

Intellectual understanding of the topic.
Emotional Intuitive faculties
Super conscious mind

Topics and themes may then be interrelated in the following ways:-

Hints; Literal illustrative drawings
Allegorical or metaphorical ways
And hidden meanings (mystical)

According to a conceptual model, graphite is fashioned on intellectual thought process only. This is the first triad; the next three triads correspond to emotional attributes based on colour inclusions. Each triad deals with energy-channel flows between two main human attributes.

This conceptual method is based on ancient classical texts that evolved to modern day thought.


1. Speak your Faith- The twelve Mystical Senses by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

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Comment by antonio-Brech on December 13, 2009 at 3:29am

I do not think we who make the creations

is Those wonderful things that everyone see in your everyday experience, but for which no one can find the time to think calmly about what can the be.....

I wish you the best

Antonio Brech


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