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Repeat of invitation to participate in a show on video-based photography linked to a show of animations Jan 2014


Annelise Laske Studio

Otto Laske

Composer, Poet, Visual Artist

Former Artistic Director of NEWCOMP, Cambridge, MA


50   Woodbury St

Gloucester, MA 01930

978 879 4882



January 15, 2013


As Guest Curator for the Rocky Neck Art Colony (RNAC), Gloucester, MA, it is my pleasure to issue this preliminary call for submissions for a show of abstract photography that is based on visual music animations and video work, for a show in Gloucester in January of 2014. I am presently exploring whether animations related to the still images to be shown can be presented by the Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport, MA, a well known center for music performances, in tandem with the RNAC show.


In the curator’s mind, a distinction needs to be made between three kinds of photography: (1) camera based, (2) scanner-based, and (3) video [or animation] based. This call is for works in category #3. The final invitation to submit will be for printed work.


While “freeing the image from the frame” through animation and video work is an exciting step, there remains ample space for appreciating photographic images of high quality, printed and framed, for their own sake. Since shipping framed work is expensive and hazardous, I am exploring the possibility of having submitted and chosen prints matted and framed in the broader Gloucester-Boston area, based on sponsorship of framers, and to return unsold work as prints.


To avoid that artists have to pay a rental fee to RNAC and to cover other costs, I will also apply for funding once I have received a substantial set of high-quality images and a commitment to print and send them once selected for the show.


For the show, artists working in animation and video who consider their work as of high photographic and print quality are invited to submit by email to

  1. 5 work samples (jpgs)  up to ½  mb each, 300 dpi, 4x6 inches (1800 x 1200 pixels), landscape or portrait
  2. Naming convention for files (using underscore): First_lastname_ number_title_size_in_inches.jpg, for example: Ann_Howard_2_Enchantment_18x24.jpg
  3. An artist statement indicating what you aim to achieve in your artistic work
  4. If existing, a link to animations on which your stills, directly or indirectly, are based.


Since funding issues have not been addressed yet, this is a preliminary call for the purpose of assembling a repertory of promising work from which a final selection can be made. DVD submissions of animations related to the stills submitted would be helpful in assessing the scope of a show of animations.


Feel free to include suggestions regarding artist colleagues (with name and email contact) whose work you think should be considered.


I will update you on the prospects of this show once I have received your work samples.


With best wishes for 2013,




Otto Laske

RNAC Curator












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