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  • Petit Lou

    Petit Lou

    The music of this film, composed and interpreted by Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven, was born out of a… Tags: Alison, Amélia Jean Detheux Jun 26, 2011 35 views

  • Prelude


    This could have been called "Towards Scriabin" ("Vers Scriabin") given that Jean-Philippe Collard-N… Tags: Scriabin, Detheux Jean Detheux Jun 23, 2011 36 views

  • Absence


    Another film with music magnificently interpreted by Paola Erdas. The music was recorded during a l… Tags: Detheux, Erdas Jean Detheux Jun 16, 2011 64 views

  • "1+4+1"


    There's something very special about Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven's music, not only the music(s) he… Tags: Danel, Detheux Jean Detheux Jun 13, 2011 68 views



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