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Jean Detheux's Videos (210)

  • Estrellita


    First collaboration with Mexican guitarist Hilario Yáñez (see him at work here:… Jean Detheux May 6, 2016 39 views

  • Maryse 1B

    Maryse 1B

    Here’s a test done years ago, and once again, a piece rescued from the web (no more uncompressed or… Jean Detheux Apr 12, 2016 44 views

  • Phrygian Gates

    Phrygian Gates

    John Adams is one of my all-time favourite composers (he’s in very good company, and rightly so). T… Jean Detheux Apr 3, 2016 58 views

  • Fantasia No. 8 (v.2)

    Fantasia No. 8 (v.2)

    Maria de Martini is an exceptional musician. I had already singled her out long before we got to kn… Jean Detheux Mar 31, 2016 42 views

  • Impro'baroque 1

    Impro'baroque 1

    Magnificent improvisation on Bach’s Prelude in C minor, BWV 847 by Jean-François Zygel (the origina… Jean Detheux Jan 28, 2016 35 views

  • "12 x 30, Blind, Unfolded"

    "12 x 30, Blind, Unfolded"

    "12 x 30, Blind, Unfolded” is the second “plate" of a diptych, the first one being “12 x 30, Blind”… Jean Detheux Jan 5, 2016 5/5 stars 37 views

  • oblivion


    11 years ago or so, I was doing a series of sketches trying to find/create the visual language with… Jean Detheux Jan 3, 2016 31 views

  • Scherza Infida

    Scherza Infida

    Beautiful music interpreted live, in concert, by Marta Infante, with the Academia 1750 conducted by… Jean Detheux Dec 29, 2015 35 views

  • Identifiers


    This is the third piece done in collaboration with American composer Charles Coleman (see the other… Jean Detheux Oct 28, 2015 48 views

  • Taksim Izmiri

    Taksim Izmiri

    Mohamed Badawi and I first met during a memorable concert in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2008 (http://www.h… Jean Detheux Oct 23, 2015 40 views

  • Lay Bare the Heart

    Lay Bare the Heart

    Second piece done in collaboration with American composer Charles Coleman (first one, “Carmilla,” i… Jean Detheux Oct 18, 2015 46 views

  • Fugue (excerpt)

    Fugue (excerpt)

    A little over 10 years ago, I was starting to sketch a possible sequel to my 2 NFB films (“Liaisons… Jean Detheux Sep 30, 2015 42 views

  • Carmilla


    A while ago, American composer Charles Coleman kindly commented on my rendition of John Adams’s fab… Jean Detheux Sep 26, 2015 78 views

  • Fammi (v.3)

    Fammi (v.3)

    This is the third version of this piece, the first one is here:, the seco… Jean Detheux Sep 14, 2015 45 views



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