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Jean Detheux's Videos (224)

  • NY Counterpoint

    NY Counterpoint

    When, in 2008, I heard Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven play his transcription for tape and piano of Ste… Jean Detheux Dec 15, 2011 58 views



    On November 23rd, 2011, Montserrat Figueras died She was one of my few go… Jean Detheux Dec 14, 2011 43 views

  • Shade Recovered

    Shade Recovered

    The creative process of this piece is worth mentioning: at first, "Shade Lost"… Jean Detheux Dec 8, 2011 22 views

  • Shade Lost

    Shade Lost

    Back in 2007, "Shade of Falling Leaves" was supposed to be a piece made strictly for live concerts,… Jean Detheux Dec 8, 2011 18 views

  • Adagietto


    "Chaconne" ( is a piece that changed my perception of "film time," an… Jean Detheux Oct 6, 2011 69 views

  • Timeo Vitam

    Timeo Vitam

    This is another clip available on the "Taïga Maya" DVD (the audio is also on the CD http://www.taig… Jean Detheux Sep 29, 2011 33 views

  • Jaguar


    This animation is part of the "Taïga Maya" DVD There is quite a saga behi… Jean Detheux Sep 23, 2011 56 views

  • Cantus Novus 2011

    Cantus Novus 2011

    In March 2010, Wilfried Jentzsch and I were in Liège (my hometown), Belgium, attending the "Vidéogr… Tags: Machaut, Detheux Jean Detheux Aug 16, 2011 48 views

  • Flô


    During the early seventies, while teaching in Calgary (Alberta, Canada), I saw a remarkable perform… Tags: sketch, memories Jean Detheux Jul 30, 2011 39 views

  • Civil War

    Civil War

    First collaboration with writer Carol Novack, done in 2007. A more recent one, "Destination," is al… Tags: Detheux, Nagel Jean Detheux Jul 25, 2011 44 views

  • Petit Lou

    Petit Lou

    The music of this film, composed and interpreted by Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven, was born out of a… Tags: Alison, Amélia Jean Detheux Jun 26, 2011 33 views

  • Prelude


    This could have been called "Towards Scriabin" ("Vers Scriabin") given that Jean-Philippe Collard-N… Tags: Scriabin, Detheux Jean Detheux Jun 23, 2011 34 views

  • Absence


    Another film with music magnificently interpreted by Paola Erdas. The music was recorded during a l… Tags: Detheux, Erdas Jean Detheux Jun 16, 2011 62 views

  • "1+4+1"


    There's something very special about Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven's music, not only the music(s) he… Tags: Danel, Detheux Jean Detheux Jun 13, 2011 66 views



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