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Comment by bozidar svetek on January 24, 2010 at 5:12am
ref. (Midem 08)
Galery ...4,5,.. 21,22,23,24

Music is motion, it is a unit limited in time,
in the continuity that also expresses its change with
light – as the back side of sound. Doing this, it
uncovers us, our environment, our present in a
specific way. As we close our eyes, it brings up our
conscious and subconscious. When placed in
endless darkness of the universe, it uncover
itself – yet this is only the beginning.


Sound and its radiation in the form of light are hidden to our eyes. Although sound transmits its contents around its source, we are not able to sense it – to see it. Thus, it stays in »the dark« and is accessible to a single sense – hearing. Only when it touches our, unfortunately undeveloped and atrophied interactivity, the integrity of the sensual – extended consciousness, as the sun light touches the matter, it can be, buck naked, sensed, realised, understood as well as recorded.

Anyhow, the forms of expression, creation, technology and desire have always been and remain the reflexion of the time of their creation. Today sound/music with its immanence is no exception. However, at the turning point of the millennium it can be seen as a big challenge and opportunity for numerous new or missed, natural or social and sensible connections and re-evaluations that can only enrich us.

In the era of computer technology, Internet, DVD formats and various systems as well as numerous acoustic and other novelties are the reflexion of our time. No doubt, they are also the groundwork for new creations. In the same way it is also true that despite »keepers« of conservatism they also bring changes in the existing tradition. This has always been and always will be!

The challenge, broached by many before me, when their hunch lead them to put a »beam of light« into the »glass music cage« (Oliver Messiaen), thus upgrading it, is worth taking up, according to the achievements and our natural interactive reality. This will allow the broad interaction between tradition and new insights. Or, in other words, the existing paradigm of sensory perception shall be completed, upgraded and adapted to the new reality.

In this way the proposed form, visualisation of music, enables successful integration between the performers or its source as well as the environment where it is placed. One should be aware, however, that such "visual ennoblement“ is a slow process, especially since knowledge is hard to obtain, and due to unknown future – which is completely normal and legitimate. Nevertheless, regardless of these facts I insist and believe in the democracy of music, in its openness and wealthier existence. I believe that its historic tendency for visualisation will be realised with the help of wider assimilated abstract film, abstract painting, new technologies and new insights about ourselves, which gives us the possibility of a »triumph« over its inherent materialism.

With lack of tradition for interactive – optic image of music, today, when facing it in the DVD format, one can notice how the listener in his or her stiffness at the same time »transforms« also to a viewer. This somehow »shakes« one's adopted, often unambiguous image and experience in music. In the confrontation and comparison there appear dubious selection and uncertainty. Unfortunately they are often »a
Comment by alan silva on January 26, 2010 at 4:15am
i nice to see you here love it


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