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At 7:37am on September 16, 2008, mad said…
liebe Bärbel! That was fast! Welcome to the Visual Music Village, it's great to have you. Küsse :)
At 3:11am on September 17, 2008, Almazen said…
Hello, Baerbel. Welcome to the Village and to Punto y Raya Group. Whenever you come to Barcelona, you will find a home here. Best wishes.
At 7:26pm on September 18, 2008, Dennis Miller said…
Hi Barbel. Can you tell me about your plans for Boston? Perhaps we can have you at my university. Could you email me at and let me know your schedule?
thanks very much.
At 4:00am on September 21, 2008, mad said…
Liebe Bärbel! It is great, indeed, hahaha. We have to meet in L.A.! I'll keep you posted on this possible screening in early December. küsse
At 9:34am on September 25, 2008, mad said…
liebe Bärbel! I hope you'll enjoy your stay in Boston, all the best! I should be in L.A. by December 5th... so I'm sure we'll have a chance to meet personally, I really look forward to it :)) All the best und hertzliche küsse aus Barcelona!
At 2:55am on September 28, 2008, mad said…
liebe Bärbel! we may have a screening in L.A. on December 2nd. Will you be there, by any chance? big kiss!
At 2:57pm on September 28, 2008, Jim Ellis said…
Yeah we should meet. Cindy tried to make it happen at one point, but I was hopelessly busy, which is a shame. Just drop me an email when you're going to be in town, and I'll do the same if I'm ever in Germany (that last part's a joke with my hermit ways these days).
Thank you for your nice comments on my films and music. It's especially nice coming from you because of the quality of work you create.
"Scroggins Beach" is a bit of a tribute to my pal and de-mentor Michael Scroggins. I was doing some experiments in real-time-CGI with the Pulfrich effect, and made the film in a couple nights. It contains an audio track that I created for Michael Scroggins to jam with when he does his liquid light shows.
Cheap dark non-polarized sunglasses work best, the darker and cheaper the better.
It's one of two new films I made this year, but I'm kind of losing interest in film making, mostly been doing writing, but I can't I can't help myself now and then.
Also if you want to see another (destroyed by web compression) movie with Pulfrich, I did a semi-commercial piece for my friends in the band Mudville. That one can be found on my Youtube page
At some point we should exchange DVDs. Mine are made at home out of coat hangers and tape.
At 3:28am on October 2, 2008, Maura McDonnell said…
Hi Barbara, very nice to meet with you in this village. I have been aware of your beautiful films for some time now, looking forward to keeping up the contact. Best wishes Maura
At 9:18am on October 2, 2008, mad said…
Liebe Bärbel! I should be in L.A. until December 10th or so... I'm sure we'll be able to meet there. I'm really looking forward to it :) I'll email you as soon as the details of my trip are confirmed. Viele Küsse aus Barcelona.
At 2:42pm on April 1, 2011, Steven Subotnick said…

Hi Baerbel,

I wish I were making a new film.  This semester I'm teaching 5 days a week, and I'm unable to focus creatively.  I did finish 3 very short animations a few months ago, however.  I hope to begin work on a new longer film this summer.  By the way, Amy and I will be at the Animator Festival in Poznan this July.  Any chance you'll be there?



At 5:38pm on April 1, 2011, Robert Lyons said…
Baerbel: This looks like a great place, glad I found it, and happy to find you here.
At 12:45pm on April 3, 2011, Steven Subotnick said…

Hi Baerbel,

I made these shorts based on artwork that I already made long ago.  One animation was based on a series of prints.  Another was based on a series of ink drawings.  The third was based on artwork I made about a president and a bear.  So one is abstract, and the other two are like short narrative poems.

I love to teach, but I am teaching too much right now.  It will end in May, and then I need to get back to making things.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to travel in Europe.  We will make one quick trip to Cracow, but that's it.

I'm sure you needed to recover after finishing your last work.  Do you have any plans for a new project, yet?



At 12:09pm on April 24, 2011, Steven Subotnick said…

Enjoy Stuttgart!


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