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A. The creative process I use is derived from:

-Conceptual models – Ancient Classical texts
-Science, Nature and Art elements
-Spiritual Concepts
-Movement/Dance/Transformation/New media

B. A source or root of an investigated topic may be a visual, an alphabetic letter, a word,
sentence, tale or dance.
Common to all of these are creative forces that I may consider including:

1. Energy of substance – in still, vegetative, animate and human aspects. - Form.

2. Inner energy of substance – (soul qualities); perceiving inner realities. – Sketches/Drawings to

3. Exterior energies – perception of the world as it projects outwardly through the senses,
which includes sources of inspiration, desires, and transformative expressions.

Depending on a particular choice, styles may vary from fragmentary to detailed,
illustrative; surreal that conveys one of the above points.

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