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Sicga software offers a glimpse into the creative side of visual music and synaesthesia. During the creative listening process I see colours that further develop into shapes. When I see the visuals I hear music and often images such as landscapes. In the animation works, one has the ability to create almost real time, from memory and assemble shapes in various colours in overlapping and independent areas to the music

In all my animation series to Fado music I was able to analyse segments of the music using shapes and colours to match the sound I heard. The work here differs to my drawing animation technique where images are collected then assembled. Here the opportunity became vibrant when using a moment in time to create the shapes needed to illustrate the sound in an abstract form.

The sound guides the process making shapes into directions, the sizes of the shapes and the colours warm or cool depending on the intensity of the sound that effects emotions rising from the sound.

On watching the visuals I was struck by the visuals able to transport the imagination to places and evoke a relaxed therapeutic effect on my being.


Drawn from my experience on working with SICGA:

Positive notes on the software include

  • Learning the relationships between colours

  • Aesthetic compositions of the different shape relationships.

  • Composing stills real time to the music (almost)

  • Discovering balance and shape relationships

  • The potential for use in art therapy

  • Understanding digital geometrical abstract art.

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