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Nueva lectura

Discuto con cierta regularidad y empeño con mis amigos acerca de cómo unificar las distintas lecciones extraíbles de la historia, la neurología, la biología, la economía, la política, la ecología y también a veces sobre la educación, la ética, la filosofía, la tecnología, y el arte.

Siempre que se producen avances como consecuencia de estos intercambios y revisiones, lo curioso es que el modelo de abordaje en el que se desemboca es alógico, en el sentido de sinlógico, por lo que el… Continue

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Se dispone espacio de trabajo individual para realizar simultáneamente :

-Expresión corporal o danza

-Escuchar música o componerla.

-Materiales de dibujo.

-Soporte para escritura o incluso registro de voz. Nuevas formas de

expresión oral y escrita.

-También cabe la grabación en video.

Se trata de poner el interés en una labor de trasladación de los de un campo o tipo de actividades al otro de forma precisa,… Continue

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Hay aspectos de la realidad importantes para la comprensión del conjunto que no es fácil afirmar si es que no se conocen? O lo que ocurre es que no se ven?. A pesar de lo cual existen. Tienen su manifestación concreta más allá de nuestros registros conscientes, pero están al alcance del plano meta cognitivo.

Por ejemplo:

Que es lo que hace que una creación musical resulte realmente atractiva e interesante?

Como se produce de una manera gruesa su materialización y como… Continue

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Hasta cinco melodías simultaneas cada una de un color y cuyas notas o tonos están representadas en función de la intensidad de cada color (Rojo, azul, verde, amarillo, naranja).

No atienden a relaciones temporales ni espaciales ni siquiera emocionales, sino que se rigen por relaciones estructurales intrínsecas de carácter interfuncional.

La meta actividad da lugar a una transmutación que se manifiesta… Continue

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Meta correspondence

In reality there is no relationship between the sound sequences, diagrams and charts that follow trajectories neogestualidad or animations. But this is only apparent, as any audio, graphic and motion pattern when presented simultaneously is a process of inter-sensory integration.

In short it is not as important to the definition and not the perfection of a musical sequence, much less correspondence with the images and movements. Because in reality nothing is more accurate mental but… Continue

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ipl Presents

(apologies for cross-posting)

On behalf of CCRMA and Department of Music at Stanford it is my pleasure

to invite you to 3 events launching the activities of the Intermedia

Performance Lab (ipl) - a new initiative at Stanford University to

further research and teaching in interdisciplinary arts.

April 2, 8 PM

ipl Presents: “Popcorn” – bizarre, comedic, beautiful, &/or short films,

a screening in the tradition established by Mark Applebaum, this… Continue

Added by Jaroslaw Kapuscinski on March 26, 2009 at 11:02pm — No Comments

Mad-Actions and The iotaCenter present "PUNTO Y RAYA 2009"

The "most abstract festival in the world" launches its new call for entries open to short·films exploring the creative possibilites of the dot and the line. No figuration, no perspective, just dots and lines as ends in themselves! An amazing challenge to study and reflect upon the essence of form and movement. Can you take it?

No entry fee and the deadline is Monday August 17th, 2009.

Check out all the info at…

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idrioema :: encodermantic (release)

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TronMe opens the door for Visual Art

LONDON – 6 March 2009 - TronMe ( has decided to create a collection comprising 1000 of the most beautiful examples of visual music AVS for use with the Interactive MP3 Music player TronMe.

AVS visual effects will be free to you as your score advances within the player. This score can be increased by converting your mp3 tracks into interactive mp3 or by getting votes for your performances. If you are lazy, don’t worry, the effects will also be available for you to… Continue

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(Translated and edited by Timothy B Layden

Self-interactive related terms:PSICOSONOGRAPHY, SYNLOGIC, SYNGRAPHICS,


These refer to the theoretical conceptualisation, proposed here through an

explanatory model, of an inter-modal nature for the development of… Continue

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AVicious has lots to do...

Inspiration by way of hallogen

Tonight White Noise and I got together to work on some upcoming show details and to work with some new content/feeds. I have been working with some Quartz Composer DV integration that will allow video feeds, filtered in different ways and textured, to be sound reactive based on the feed from either a band's sound board or DJ feed. For bands this allows us to isolate sound from different portions of the stage dependent upon what we chose to highlight and how it will react… Continue

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Evacuation / Russet


I just received the DVD "Evacuation" produced by W+K Studio Tokyo. The composer/musician is Jemapur. The pack comes as 1 CD of music only plus 1 DVD of 4 Music Videos.

This is the best VM DVD I have seen for a very long time. It really is very elegant design and very professional. I highly recommend it.

Max Hattler did one of the 4 clips.

Available from Amazon under "Jemapur Evacuation"

In the following website there are 4 short trailers as a preview of the… Continue

Added by Robert Darroll on December 10, 2008 at 6:14pm — 1 Comment

Part-Time Lecturer in Animation: Philadelphia

Hi, I've been asked to forward this announcment to interested people. I'm told they may have more than one position available:

Part-Time Lecturer in Animation - University of Pennsylvania

The Department of Fine Arts in the School of Design at the University of

Pennsylvania is seeking candidates to teach animation in a studio art

program. The part-time load can consist of one or two six-hour studios per

week. Candidates must have a Master of Fine Arts… Continue

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idrioema release

Added by idrioema on November 5, 2008 at 1:00am — No Comments

idrioema on V.a. - :2 (BrainWave Communication)

Added by idrioema on October 22, 2008 at 1:00am — No Comments

VJ Übergeek performance and talk in Reykjavik

I'll be doing a CyberSpaceLand performance and a talk at Pikslaverk 2008 in Reykjavik, Iceland - November 6-9. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood!

Added by Amy Alexander on September 26, 2008 at 9:15pm — 2 Comments


Just found a gold mine if you're interested in historic VM. Documentary Educational Resources is releasing DVDs from the Screening Room Series, which includes John Whitney, Brakhage, and others. In the Whitney,

John talks about his work and plays several films, most with music (Matrix, Permutations, et al.)

Also received Brakhage and Breer today… Continue

Added by Dennis Miller on September 9, 2008 at 5:50pm — 2 Comments

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