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[Mixtape] Daddy O (@DaddyO_FMG ) - Panamera Muzik

Influenced by UGK, Scarface, Young Jeezy and other great southern Hip-Hop Legends, the South Carolina native has previously released mixtapes entitled, "Trapped in the Struggle – Vol. 1" and Vol. 2. Daddy O is a living resume and testimonial to Daddy-O’s work in the streets and the booth.

You don't have to dig that deep to find out about Daddy O, “ask em’ about Lil’ Daddy. Ask em’ about Daddy O “100 Karats before the Deal! - everything I rap about is my reality”. Now we bring his latest… Continue

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[Single] Young Balli (@young_balli) - Oh Please

Straight Piracy Productions Presents... Young Balli "Oh Please"

Click [Here] To Download/Stream

Connect w/ Young Balli:

Twitter: young_balli

Instagram:… Continue

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[Mixtape] That Boy Poppa (@ThatBoyPoppa) - Est 2000

Jacksonville, Florida

16 year old indie artist That Boy Poppa is here to cause a commotion. Hailing from the streets of Duval, known for its good and bad things, That Boy Poppa is chasing his dream. An artist that has a story to tell at such a tender age. With Bigga Rankin and Boss Security behind his movement, you are guaranteed to get a project that is tagged with talent and quality. Press Play and support Est.2000 the mixtape.…


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[Fashion] @SunkenBooty GOAT Snapback

Sunken Booty GOAT Snapback Hat

All of their custom brim snapback hats are completely deconstructed and sewn back together using industrial grade sewing machines. This is not a cheap sticker fabric or hot glue gun version of a custom brim snapback hat like other imitators sell online. Each one is truly unique and special, our full time team of designers hand select each material/print keeping in mind the final out come. All Sunken Booty Exclusive…


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Drawing, a fast disappearing art form.

My latest article has recently been published by the Society for Animation Studies, it was also printed in the Melbourne International Animation Festival catalogue which was held a few weeks ago.

It examines important “steps” in the genesis of an image, and it offers avenues to explore to people who either have approached drawing superficially, or only know the “procedural" aspect of digital art.…


Added by Jean Detheux on July 17, 2016 at 1:00pm — No Comments

FILOSOFIA META-Una nueva disciplina

“Ideas nuevas “no entran ni caben ” en cabezas viejas”

En la actualidad y como consecuencia de la profusión de medios y un proceso de optimización tecnológica y una experiencia continuada y sostenido en las aplicaciones  y una reflexión consecuente en torno a sus implicaciones y aplicaciones, se está…


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Interfado-Fadografia-Fado visual:

“Hacia una música popular sono-visual,cosmopolita y universal para nuestro tiempo”…


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Deontodesign-Deontomode-"Troubled waters".

Establish clear benchmarks in order to contribute to an eco psychology of a minimum level of quality and reinforce favorable for transmission of new knowledge conditions, but not any good, against those unprincipled, however it may be useful for all those who need criteria and elements of critical judgment in assessing the characteristic contents of the…


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There is now a cultural pseudo dynamic background, institutional, derived from the effects of conventional interaction, which interferes with the transmission, healthy, experience of the species and it generates a devastating effect on the evolution of…


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[Mixtape] BarsBrown 'PureTruth'

Hosted by DJ Jazz

Recorded in Providence, Rhode Island. The tape give over all and very versatile style from BarsBrown. He give a lil of everything his range and content.

[Mixtape] BarsBrown 'PureTruth'

He… Continue

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Fado Visual-Contextualización

Quizás habría que explicar la diferencia que existe entre la propuesta que nos ocupa con respecto a todas aquellas apuestas cuya simple enunciación sería interminable,que se llevaron a cabo en los últimos años para conseguir generar un alternativa a la insolubilidad de las fórmulas artísticas, y científicas con el objeto de encontrar y resolver el problema de…


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[Event] 2016 Tampa Music Conference

The Tampa Music Conference is an annual event with additional focuses on promoting artists through Social Media year round. Established in 2004 by Angel and Carol Soto it has consistently been hailed as one of central…


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SoSo Ft DG "Sippin n Rollin" (Feedback Requested)


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[Single] Balize (@Balize) - Baseball

Cali born, but Jacksonville raised artist Balize is ready to put Motion Picture Music on the map. We present to you "Baseball", his latest track, prod by Knockout, support and feedback is appreciated.

Click [Here] To Download

Connect w/…


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[Single] Wayne Wonder (@Waynewonder25) ft Scrill and Kollosus - Enemies

Wayne Wonder & Bigga Rankin are two living legends, when you put these two together, greatness occurs. Today we drop a street remix to "Enemies", which is the 1st record off their upcoming project.

Click [Here] To Download



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Filosofía Meta-Educación Meta transversal-Fado Visual

En la actualidad existe una corriente – o lo que podríamos llamar un discurso social “predominante”- que circula por el interior de la dinámica colectiva que conlleva unos riesgos desproporcionados para los circulantes por el medio social cotidiano y que suelen desembocar en un contagio masivo de registros tóxicos que amenazan con convertir en…


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Memphis Native, ODO6 drops his club banger, "My Birthday" off his latest mixtape "4 & A Baby" hosted by Trapaholics. ODO6 treats everyday like his birthday, and plans to show everybody just how to turn up with this energized mix. Regardless of your race, gender, or culture, you can turn this track up and party like its your "Birthday". Video for "My Birthday" is currently underway and scheduled to release later this summer. For booking, features, beats or more info call 9015091465 or…


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[Mixtape] TC DA Outlaw (@TCDAOutLaw) - The Redprint

TC Da Outlaw steps into the studio and begins his musical career with talents of this magnitude unseen in quite some time. TC Da Outlaw released his debut mixtape “Coming all the Way Down“ in and 2005 featured Rich Boy. It marked the streets with an artist that whom will undoubtedly be around for a long time to come. TC first untitled tracks were self-produced in one week, which were a total of 18 tracks that were solely him going in hard on the mic. During the time the Texas vibe of screw… Continue

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“La idea de un mundo constituido por un soporte real de parámetros y atributos con grados o niveles de magnitudes asociados a valores en definitiva motivaciones que dan sentido a lo cotidiano genera una visión del grafismo como la noción primigenia de la consistencia intrínseca de lo real”.



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[Mixtape] Casino Mel (@IamCasinoMel) - Casino My Religion

Growing up in Abbeville, South Carolina Casino Mel was determined to live the life that rappers had. He eventually got caught up in the streets, which was the closest thing to the lifestyle he wanted that eventually landed him in prison for three years. After going through that experience Casino Mel became totally focused on music. He saw music as a positive way to follow his dreams and also help those around him. His first deal would come about in a spontaneous way. While waiting for a bus…


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