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Dimensional fluid light and sound for visual meditation and atmosphere

Lynn Augstein’s Borealis is a work that swirls with light and color from the entire spectrum. Its meditative images are reminiscent for the Northern Lights from which it derives its title. Accompanied by an eclectic music score ranging from synthesizers to acoustic instruments to Tuvan throat singers, Borealis is an otherworldly experience that both calms and invades the senses simultaneously.

Excerpt from the DVD materials:

Visual fluid light images supported
by vibrational music access our senses
through different channels.

When light images and sympathetic
sound vibrations mesh as one,
enlightened visceral experiences follow.

These experiences transport us to a place outside
our rational mind and daily thought patterns.
Time begines to fall away.

These transcendent moments are vehicles
to access other states of consciousness,
connecting us with universal creativity
and inspiration – quieting minds,
calming restless spirits and opening our hearts.

DVD 90min
Website: Cobalt Sun

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